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cryoSpace 80

cryoSpace 80 cryotherapy without liquid nitrogen. It is very popular to be healthy today, to know how to rejoice in any age and enjoy its gifts. Air cryosauna cryoSpace 80 helps you to keep youth energy, achieve peace of mind and physical balance.


High tech
cryoSpace 80 novel hi-tech development from German specialists, which is based on using effect of beneficial influence of low temperatures on human organism. Temperature of absolutely dry air inside cryochamber is −80. Three minutes in cryochamber it is supply of cheerfulness on the whole day.

Unique quality
cryoSpace 80 cryochamber, it is for the first time created for using in home conditions. Absolute safety, ecological compatibility, simplicity of maintenance and high standards of European level make using of cryoSpace 80 easy-to-use and comfortable. Modern, stylish cryochamber looks compact, but it is roomy enough, to take a session of criotherapy together with all family. cryoSpace 80 perfectly well fall in any interior, thankfully to design and opportunity to choose individually suitable colour.

Amazing effect
cryoSpace 80 it is also your house trainer, and doctor, and psychotherapeutist, who knows secret of rejuvenation and health improvement. Under the influence of cold take place mobilization of internal forces, metabolism improves, mass of body normalizes, regenerative and reproductive functions restore, chronic pains have passed. You will feel better, tiredness and stress wiil pass. cryoSpace 80 give you striking emotions, joy, vital forces and peace of mind.

Service and guarantee

Individual project;
Warranty and postwarranty service;
Personal maintenance during the whole life cycle of cryochamber.



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