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cryoSpace 110

cryoSpace 110 it is modern high-technology cooling medical complex, which consists of 5 main modules: two-chambers cabin which has area 10 m2, three-stage refrigerating unit, electrical cabinet, external capacitor unit and control console.


Cryosauna cryoSpace 110 is made of modern materials with high thermo-insulating properties. Prechamber and main chamber are separated from each other and the rest room with hermetic doors.
Refrigerating block gives chilled drained air inside cryoprocedure chamber in laminar stream.
Humid exhalant air permanently draws off.
Visual control realized through the special windows. Monitoring of procedure operates with help of touchscreen on control console.
Plant is supplied with some safety controls: alarm system, safety shutdown of inside cabin work, emergency opening of the door, safety devices on extreme temperature and excessive pressure, persistent video-and audio-control.
cryoSpace 110 conforms to European technical and medical regulations.
Technology of general air cryotherapy:
Cooling environment: ambient air
Temperature in prechamber: −60ºC, in main chamber −110ºC
Bandwidth: till 5 peoples during one session
Duration of procedure: 1÷3 min (in prechamber 0,5 min obligatory)
Multiplication factor of procedures: every day, 12 procedures, with interval nor less than 6 hours
Course of treatment: 1020 procedures, times in year
Three-chambered model ofncryosauna cryoSpace 110
1. Main (work) chamber.
2. Control console.
3. Evaporator grating for cold drained air feeding.
4. Multilayer thermo- and sound proofing.
5. Special safe covering of the floor.
6. Visual control windows.
7. Videocamera.
8. Audioconact.
9. Guardrail of safety.


Technical feature of cryoSpace 110
General design of system
prechamber and main chamber;
three-stage chilling machine;
electrical cabinet;
external block of capacitor;
control console.
Prechamber and main chamber are isolated and correspond rooms for air cryoprocedures.
Cold drained air feeding: regulated till maximal quantity 0,5 m/sec, monitored in middle of main chamber.
Air temperature in main chamber suppling and regulating with ventilation.
Temperature range:
1. main chamber till −110;
2. prechamber till −60.
Level of noise: about 55dB (), monitored by maximal speed of air circulation on the height of 1m in the centre of the room.
Three-stage chilling machine cools and feeds in cryochambers usual ambient air with temperature −60ºC and −120ºC.
Control console contains all devices of monitoring and control, and also all electric component objects. Control system guarantees constant temperature or its necessary change. Operational display allows to realize all actions in mode, which is handy to user.

Technical feature of cryoSpace 110
Measurement Width, Depth, m Height, m
Inside measurement
main chamber 200 200 200
main chamber with prechamber 200 200 200
External measurement
main chamber 420 240 250

Mechanical design
System was made with using of stable high-technology materials in elements, which are connected with each other.
There are 4 sources of lighting (12 ), which are fixed on the ceiling, and additional emergency lighting.
There are blocks in main chamber, which are necessary to regulate temperature.
temperature sensors;
heat exchangers;
alarm system.

Design specification
Main chamber
Inside coveringof chambers: Cellings and walls are covered with plastic, they are coloured with white paint (RAL 9010)
Floor: Antiskid cover from chrome-nickel elements with specially tested on “thermic resistibility ” carpet (10 mm)
Isolation: Sandwich panels with thickness 200 mm without fluorocarbon
Assets of orientation: Handrails on the walls of the main chamber
Lightening: Lamps 12 V, partly on accumulator supply, independent thanks for this from main supply
Entrance in prechamber: Without steps, level is installed when client locates on the ground
Entrance door: 100×190 m made of multilayer insulating material, sheathed with thin sheet metal, covered with plastic. Door is equipped with cylindrical special lock with function of emergency opening
Entrance in main chamber: Without steps
Window for observation: Transparent window 40×60 m with system of deweep
Air circulation: Are through the admission and discharge openings
Refrigerating plant: Cascade, with air cooling
Communication between chamber and external world: With help of system “Intercome”

Elements of inside covering of the walls: Coloured with white paint (RAL 9010), thin sheet metal with electroplate
Floor: Antiskid cover from chrome-nickel elements with specially tested on “thermic resistibility ” carpet (10 mm)
Entrance door in prechamber: 100×190 m made of multilayer insulating material, sheathed with thin sheet metal, covered with plastic. Door is equipped with cylindrical special lock with function of emergency opening
Window for observation: 40×60 m
General plant specifications
dry, ventilated room
normal temperature from +15 till +35
maximal air moisture 75%
Equipment for accident prevention
Main chamber and prechamber
device of emergency opening the door
button of alarm inside chamber, which is supplied with 12 V battery and independent from the main power supply;
window for observation (m. higher);
switch of safety;
temperature switch of safety;
pressure in compliance with VGB 20;
emergency lightening when voltage is falling, maximal time 1 hour;
timer of therapy;
button of immediate halt on the panel of control.
For safety in any case door can be opened from inside even though it was closed on the outside. In addition to this there is button of alarm system, which is placed near the exit, for sound and visible signal giving.
Window for visual control in the door or in side wall of main chamber also are for level of safety rising. In case of failure of lightening this window give enough light for people who are inside can move safely and find exit.
Besides that, system have emergency lightening of the chamber.
Below were enumerated guidelines, developed by TUV (testing organization in the range of safety, Germany), in accordance with CryoSpace is exploited:
door height;
opportunity of opening the door from inside;
level of noise lower than 70 dB (A);
main chamber cleaning;
nonskid floor coating;
absence of appliance receptacles inside main chamber;
operational instructions;
minimal correlation of capacities of prechamber and main chamber 1/3;
switch of immediate halt;
emergency lighting when main power supply were failed.

Electric connections Rated voltage: 380 V/50 Hz
Power: 25 /63
Main knife switch: Integrated in machine block
Gutter for condensate: Pipe connection with gutter

Medical characteristic of cryosauna cryoSpace 110
Universal plant cryoSpace 110 intended for general and special cryotherapy, which is done by the use of brief extreme cooling the whole body’s surface by directed streams of dry air with temperature from −60 till −120.
Cryotherapy today is not only one of leading but also one of safe.
Peventive, medical, rehabilitation effects of cooling air open the perspective of successful using of cryoSpace 110 in any big medical, SPA, health-improving centres.
Ranges of application:
sport medicine;
extreme medicine.

Contra-indications of cryosauna: disbalance of peripheral circulation (Raynaud's disease, obliterating endarteritis), sickle-cell disease, hypersensibility to cold factor.

Results of cryoprocedures:

Elimination of acute and chronic pain, inflammations, edemas, spasm;
Regulation of muscular tonus;
Enhancement of movement functions and metabolism;
Lowering of taking the medicine;
Strengthening of immunity;
Restoration of regenerative, reproductive functions;
Psychophysical training;

Advantages of cryoSpace 110:

stability and continuity of cold medical factor;
absence of temperature gradient along the body and connected with it side effects, complications (temperature gradient in opened nitric chamber reaches 160ºC: head +20º, body −140º);
absence of active storage, except electricity;
comfort, objective and subjective safety, ecological compatibility;
procedure does not require any preliminary preparing and following rest of patient;
full controllability, manageability; standard methodology;
absence of age-related, physiological, psychologic limitations;
compatibility with others health-improving and physiotherapy procedures;
European design, shaded light, special handrails and floor cover, musical illustration;
Cost of possession per annum for cryoSpace 110 no more than 1% from the cost of the plant (for nitric chamber more than 100%)

Commercial description of cruosauna Cryo Space
CryoSpace 110 is not only social significant, but economically sound investment of money.
cryoSpace 110 universal safe health-improving system: there is no age-related, physiological, psychologic, medical limitations. Practicallyt the whole population of our country potential clients of this therapy.



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